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  • Parker Brown

The MIAA Changes It Up With New Logos

With the new school year, the MIAA (Michigan Intercollegiate Athletic Association) decided it was time for a change. This summer they announced that they will “refresh” or update the MIAA logo. The logo was officially released on August 3, 2020. It has given modernization to the 132-year-old conference, first conceived in 1888.

The conference is the oldest in the United States. The logo shows how the association can move forward through COVID-19 and the tragedy from it. The association will move forward with an updated version of the logo with specific changes.

The MIAA chose to give each university or college its own logo for them to have at sporting events. A star seen on the new logo will stand for the location of the university or college.

Students around the campus of Olivet College had some distinct words about the new logo.

Sophomore Sebastian O’Leary has been hoping for a new logo for a while. He

felt the old was extremely bland with just letters, a torch, and the year.

“It is cool that they added a star at specific for where each school in the conference is located,” said O’Leary. “It’s cool to see that we as a student body are represented in this logo…especially being probably the smallest school in the conference.”

“I like the look; it changes up the color scheme and gives it a fresh new perspective,” said Sam Vondra, sophomore. “It shows that the MIAA is willing to change and make even more changes over time that help and benefit our students.”

Carter Moore, sophomore, said “It’s awesome that we as Olivet College are rep-

resented it feels like we usually aren’t…even with us being the smallest school in the MIAA.”

Not only did students weigh-in on the innovative design, but Olivet College faculty gave their opinions as well.

Athletic Director Ryan Shockey said, “As for the new conference logo, I love it! I believe the branding company we [MIAA] went through did an excellent job of capturing who our conference is and developing a logo that is usable for our schools and the conference office...I also think it will add a nice touch to our conference championships as each sport will have their own championship logo for branding."

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