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Meet the Team


Bray Wright


Bray Wright is a junior English major and writing at Olivet College.  She plans to study Library Science after college and hopes to one day be a published author.


Abbey Peters


Abby is a sophomore at Olivet majoring in Business Management and minoring in Media Production and Communication. She is a member of the cross country and track teams and Christian Comets Connect. She loves writing in general, but she especially enjoys writing about sports. 


Ella Gaffke


Ella Gaffke is a freshman at Olivet College. Her major is in media production and communication. She is a part of the women’s basketball team and spend most of her time playing basketball, doing school or sleeping.


Logan Walton


Logan Walton is a writer for the school newspaper, the Echo. His major is Media Production and Communication, and his goal is to work in that field after college. He is also a member of the men's basketball team here at Olivet College. 

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