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Meet the Team

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Michael Leija


Michael is a Senior at The University of Olivet. He is majoring in Media Production and Communication and minoring in Business Administration. He also serves as the President for the Fraternity Adelphic Alpha Pi. 


Abbey Peters


Abby is a Senior at Olivet majoring in Business Management and minoring in Media Production and Communication. She is a member of the cross country and track teams and Christian Comets Connect. She loves writing in general, but she especially enjoys writing about sports. 


Ella Gaffke


Ella Gaffke is a Junior at Olivet College. Her major is in media production and communication. She is a part of the women’s basketball team and spends most of her time playing basketball, doing school or with friends. 


Damorian "Cheeto"  Draper


Damorian is a writer for the school newspaper, the Echo. His major is Media Production and Communication and he is currently a sophomore. He is also involved in the Mu Omega Pi fraternity and is a part of the wrestling team. A fun fact about him is that his nickname is Cheeto. 

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