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  • Rian McClenney

Signing In….Or Signing Out?

The wooden “Welcome to Olivet” sign across from the Dollar General disappeared one day.

Early on: “The sign was either taken or stolen,” said Jerry Staggs, Olivet’s DPW director at the city of Olivet DPW, during a phone interview.

Yet, with no evidence of what had happened, or even if this was an act of thief or even just some practical joke that someone was playing on the community, the disappearance of the wooden sign was a case that there just might be something foul afoot in the Olivet.

Case solved – quickly!

“The wind knocked it out of the frame,” said Chief of Police Shawn Garcia in a phone interview. “It was knocked out of frame by the wind and had been covered up by the snow, so no one saw that it was on the ground, or that they were standing on it.”

Thus, the mystery of the sign ended, not with a bang, nor with a cheer, but a simple revelation of a gust of wind is the culprit of defacing a sign that would give people a merry little message as they made their way into Olivet.

“We’ll have to wait until spring for the ground to thaw to fix it,” Staggs said initially.

However, the sign is now restored, and plans for a refresh have already been set in motion.

So the sign will see a new day, when the flowers bloom and when the snow has melted, passersby will be greeted to the familiar sight of the welcome sign once more.

Photos and Video by Rian McClenney


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