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New Opportunity for Local Olivet Parks

The members of the Olivet Parks Board met at Trent Shrontz Memorial Park. From left; Larry Marsh, Amy Huepenbecker, Jerry Staggs, Joseph Davis and Erin Pavloski.

OLIVET- After a special parks meeting held on April 2, at Trent Shrontz Memorial Park, the Olivet Parks Board decided on what monetary amount when applying for the Eaton County Parks Community Grant Program. Along with reviewing improvements in the park. The main goal of the meeting was to make sure the parks last as long as possible and to discuss the best ways to do that.

The meeting opened with a council call to order and the approval of the agenda. Following this the committee, reviewed the park and improvements that have been made recently.

The replaced wooden support for the monkey bars.

Improvements included: a fix on a crack on the end of a slide, board replacements, new tube sections to the tube slide, a new stairway to a slide and additional supports at the top of the tire swing hinge.

Before the meeting could be adjourned the board discussed the details of the  Eaton County Parks Community Grant Program, and the plan of action when applying for the grant.

A new stairway was added to reach the top of the slide.

Joseph Davis, parks board chair shared what the grant would help with this year and how the parks in Olivet would benefit from receiving it.

"The goals would be improving your parks/community and the event centers that are available, or maintaining your parks. Right now we're looking to focus on Rotary (park) as you just heard, we were looking at a new structure there," said Davis.

According to the Eaton County Parks Community Grant Program, the application limits are a minimum of $5,000 and a maximum of $400,000. The Olivet Park Board plans to request, $16,000-$25,000 in their application. Other grant requirements can be found here.

Moving forward the board will begin the drafting process for the application and pursuing possible match funding along with getting community involvement to help make renovations to the park, if the grant is received.

By Ella Gaffke and Taylor Wilsey


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