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Laimbeer Adds New Changes For The New Year

Olivet College recently announced operating hours for the Laimbeer Fitness Center for the semester. Laimbeer will be hosting “Ladies’ Hour” on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday nights from 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. During these hours, the facility will be accessible only to female students and staff members. Female students on campus have expressed their appreciation for the idea. Summer Smith, a sophomore on the softball team, said “I think Lady Hours are a good idea for women who have always wanted to work out but never felt comfortable in an environment that is stereotypically perceived as a room full of testosterone and afraid of the judgment that comes with hitting the gym. Ladies can feel peace at the gym as they know they are around other ladies who feel the same.” The idea of Ladies’ Hour was from Daniel Hayes, director of Laimbeer. In the past year, Hayes has asked students for their opinions of how to make the center better and more welcoming for everyone.

Hayes said, “We made Ladies’ Hour to make females feel more comfortable and to be more accommodating to our female population.” Another thing Hayes has done for this year is get new equipment for the students to use. This addition adds to the atmosphere of the gym and allows students to have a wider variety of machines. Students will need their college issued ID to work out, and can find additional information such as full operating hours on the OC app. Any new or urgent information regarding Laimbeer will be emailed to students and staff by Hayes.

Questions about Laimbeer, may be directed to Hayes, who is also coordinator of recreational programs, at

Photos by Ben Gur-Arie


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