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  • Kylee Curtiss

The University of Olivet is Hosting a Dance. Masquerade Style

The Health and Wellness Center and Nu Gamma XI partnered up to host a formal dance for students and their guests on April 13. From 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. The dance will be in the conference room at the new Cutler Student Center. “The theme of the dance is Masquerade (wear a masquerade mask).” Explains Isabela Tijerina, Vice President of Nu Gamma Xi. “This is a formal event so wear formal attire, but everyone is welcome.” Continues Tijerina. The University of Olivet students can also bring a guest who does not go to Olivet.

Robin Luckadoo Chadderon, Director of the Health and Wellness Center, explains why the center wanted to be a part of this dance. “COVID-19 costs many of our students their chance at a prom. This is an attempt to capture these opportunities for students’ grieving. The loss of prom and graduation are repeated themes in various counseling sessions.”

According to the flyers around campus, there will be a dance competition, the music will be provided by DJ Tate, activities, prizes, board games, desserts, and mocktails.

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