• Marah Heikkila

'A series of unfortunate events' you won't want to forget.

The Baudelaire’s are a family you’ll be very familiar with after watching this series. Violet (Malina Weisman), Klaus (Louis Hynes), and Sunny (Presley Smith) are sure to make an impression on anyone who watches, “A Series of Unfortunate Events,” is so unique.

Nothing on the television market right now can take its place. The Baudelaire’s tragically lose their parents in a house fire and that’s where the unfortunate events start.

This series wouldn’t be as enticing if a villain wasn’t present, and that’s where Count Olaf comes in, played by Neil Patrick Harris. He solely takes them into custody to pursue the Baudelaire fortune that was left the children.

Olaf does anything in his power, trying to even marry the eldest Baudelaire, Violet in order to get the fortune but that soon fails. Count Olaf continues his tirade by disguising himself and appearing at every relative’s home who takes the children. These new locations bring unfortunate events for the children as they’ll have to continue to face more problems while learning about their parent’s history.

The wittiness of the children and intelligence scripted within the characters adds humor into the mix. The series uses imaginative sets for the scenes.

One I found particularly effective is when the children and Aunt Josephine are stuck in Lake Lachrymose trying to escape the leeches. The darkness of the background as well as the suspense adds a rich and tenebrous tone to the mood, perfectly capturing the essence of fear the children have in that unfortunate moment.

The Baudelaire’s face countless obstacles in order to escape Olaf.