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  • Re’Gene Thompson

Miller leaves for position at LCC

Olivet College said goodbye to staff/faculty member Ronda Miller as she transitioned to a new career at Lansing Community College by taking pictures, having snacks, and sharing hugs at a gathering in Mott on Jan. 30.

Miller was the associate dean for academic affairs, director of the Student Resource Center, and an assistant professor.

"She was amazing; she was my mom, the school is not the same without her,” said senior Aarin Townsend. Freshman Cierra Kent said that she spoke with Miller multiple times a week. “She is a sweet person and is very approachable. She is willing to help you academically and to get the resources that you need.”

Miller is now the associate dean in the health and human services division at LCC. She is responsible for health programs offered for LCC students. Those programs include the emergency medical services programs, the human services program, the radiologic technology program, the diagnostic medical sonography technology program and the community health service education program.

"It’s been very difficult for me to be away from Olivet students after making so many close relationships. I truly truly miss you guys; I miss the interaction,” said Miller. “The crazy thing is, when I’m sitting in the student center at LCC, I notice myself missing students at Olivet and I’m looking for those same students to walk by my office.”

Students weren’t the only ones that developed relationships with Miller. Her co-workers respected her as well. "I was disappointed when she left; she was a very supportive supervisor, she really cared about our students and what was best for them. It’s too bad that she decided to move on,” said Bill Mass, an NCAA compliance coordinator, who works two doors down from where Miller was in the Student Resource Center.

Miller said that she misses Olivet but is doing very well at LCC. “All of my co-workers are very nice and easy to get along with,” she said.

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