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  • Damorian Draper

Where you park in Olivet from November to April Matters...

        The city of Olivet has a set of parking regulations that you must go by from Nov. 1 to April 1 of each year to avoid receiving a parking citation. Parking on the streets is prohibited between the hours of 2 a.m. to 6 a.m. due to the need for snow removal by snow trucks and safety concerns. When you break the rules, your car will get an orange slip indicating that you have violated Olivet city regulations and will be required to pay a fee. Additional penalties will apply if the fine is not paid.

Sophomore, Victoria Buhk said, “it feels like because the school doesn’t charge students for parking passes, and they don’t make anything from parking (unless ticketing) they aren’t doing enough about it. Even though it negatively affects students, and the parking are severely stressful most days, it has no negative impact on the university so therefore it feels like the parking situation lacks any kind of care or attention from them”.

              The Olivet Police Department is responsible for issuing orange tickets. Failure to comply with the regulations, will lead to pay a fine at Olivet City Hall, located at 117 S. Main St. People are complaining about wanting more parking spaces on campus since they are receiving these tickets but are unable to find a spot anywhere near their dorms.People have to park far from their dorm or risk parking in an area they shouldn't.  “It should be better, I’m not a fan of the restrictions that we have on parking and also the time and where we can park” said Sophomore Omaris Hunnicutt.

Available parking can be found, behind the Kirk Center (KC), behind the Olivet Congregational Church, behind Sigma Beta, the gravel lot, and the parking lot next to Adelphic Alpha Pi. The upper classman can park in an eight-car lot next to Doll Hall and Behind Shipherd hall. Staff and visitors park in the Kirk Center lot and a lot across from the Mott building on College St.

If there are any questions or concerns, you can get in contact with campus safety at (269) 749-7911 or you can stop by Mott 208. Email from Campus Safety said, “If you have any questions or concerns regarding parking on campus or within the city, please don’t hesitate to reach out to campus safety for assistance.”


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