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  • Kylee Curtiss

What’s New with Campus Safety

“The main thing that Campus Safety does is keeping the students safe” explains Thomas Hickey, the Director of Campus Safety at The University of Olivet. “We want to make our presence known, especially in the afternoon and evening time.”

Campus Safety is starting up a new system called the RAVE Alert. The RAVE Alert is part of Eaton County 911. The RAVE Alert is a free service that people can sign up for. Signing up will allow local authorities to send out notifications about what’s going on in their county. The RAVE Alert sends out how traffic is, the weather, and emergencies around the area. It helps people feel up to date on what is happening.

Using this RAVE Alert on campus will help tell students about any safety concerns immediately. The RAVE Alert isn’t up yet. It must be tested, then Campus Safety will email and explain what students and staff can do to sign up. Once the information is out about the RAVE Alert, students will be able to access it. This RAVE Alert may also help visitors know what is going on before entering campus. For example, knowing traffic information, student information, and the weather. This app will make it easier to reach out and be able to know more about what is going on.

After the storm that came across Michigan on Feb. 27, it’s important to know what to do if there is a tornado. Hickey explains, “It’s the student’s responsibility to have the weather apps available. Just being aware of the weather, and what it is going to be that day and night. Just being aware is the best thing to do."

It is also important to note that students can get in touch with Campus Safety at any time. If there is an issue, students can contact campus safety, either by call or email.

Campus Safety number: (269) 749-7911

Campus Safety email:


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