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  • Ella Gaffke

What’s New in the Health and Wellness Center?

OLIVET, MICHIGIAN (Oct. 12, 2022) – The coffee, candy and condom table is always available to students.

Candy, Coffee and Condoms. This is what you will find in the Health and Wellness Center on a table. Although it might be the most visited table in the Health and Wellness Center, the Center has lots more to offer students.

The Center is there to serve students and help them in any capacity, whether that might be time to de-stress, counseling, medical help, a quiet room to do schoolwork, a place to watch a movie with a friend or color a coloring page. If a student is looking for help, the Health and Wellness Center is the place for them.

“Until we get that student center built, there’s not a place… to hang or to watch a movie together or things like that…it’s really to, during the interim, try to fill a community space,” said Robin Luckadoo Chadderdon, director of counseling, health and wellness.

You can even find a barber chair in the Health and Wellness Center for students to do each other’s hair. “There isn’t anyone who can do black hair here, in Olivet. So, people are doing each other’s hair, and it can be a long time to sit at the end of a dorm room bed…really it was about providing a space for that, for that togetherness, to allow people who have knowledge on how to do different styles to be able to have a welcoming space,” said Luckadoo Chadderdon.

There are lots of new additions to the Health and Wellness Center and you can find more information here, .

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