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  • Logan Walton

United States Midterm Election Results  

The United States midterm election is over, and most of the results are in.

For the national scale, the Democrats hold the majority in the Senate with 50 seats while the Republicans have 49, according to However, the Republicans hold the House with 218 seats and the Democrats have 211.

In more local news, Gretchen Whitmer, the Democratic candidate, won the election for governor here in Michigan. She defeated Republican candidate Tudor Dixon. Whitmer obtained about 54.5% of the votes while Dixon only obtained about 44%.

Michigan did not vote for new senators so, according to, Debbie Stabenow and Gary Peters, both Democrat, are still Michigan’s senators. Stabenow’s new term will end in 2024 and Peters’ will end in 2026. According to, Olivet is in Michigan’s 7th congressional district and Tim Walberg, Republican, is the current representative for that district and has served since 2011. His term ends in 2023, at which point he will be replaced by Elisa Slotkin, the former representative of Michigan’s 8th congressional district. Slotkin is a Democrat.

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