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  • Echo Staff

Tim's Pizza is For Sale

Local pizza parlor Tim’s Pizza recently put for sale signs in the windows. Owner Scott Ramage has owned Tim’s Pizza for 20 years and worked there for even longer, according to the Tim’s Pizza’s website. As a member of the Olivet community, Ramage bought Tim’s Pizza in 2010 and just recently put it up for sale. Ramage is also attended Olivet College, where he pledged to the Kappa Sigma Alpha fraternity.

Kam’ron Smith, an Olivet freshman and employee at Tim’s Pizza, said that “Ramage was burnt out. He (said he) wants to do something that he wants to do and not what he has to do.”

Hearing the news, Olivet junior Carlos Santos said, "I know it’s been here in Olivet for a long time, but it needs to be revamped and caught up with the times for it to succeed so I think it’s the right time to sell it."

Photo by Abbey Peters


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