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Intramural Sports at Olivet

OLIVET- Are you looking for a new pastime on campus? If so, you have come to the right place. The University of Olivet Intramural's started on Feb. 15, and currently, for the fall semester, they offer football, beach volleyball, either dodgeball, or indoor volleyball based on the season. In the spring, basketball, and with their newest addition being indoor volleyball this year, and as the weather gets warmer, the switch to beach volleyball will be made.

You can sign up through To do this first register as a student; currently the school's name on the website is still under Olivet College. Once you have put in the necessary information, and then you can register and make yourselves available for the current intramurals that are happening right now. Currently basketball is available, and sign up's are still open right now and participants can become an available free agent to be picked up by one of the teams. 

 Daniel Hayes, the coordinator of recreational programs and assistant hall director said, "Basketball is our most popular sport this year, with over 80 students participating alone, making this one of the biggest seasons ever, according to the data I've collected."

He also mentioned sign ups have just finished for indoor volleyball, and they started after spring break. There are currently five teams there. A big point he hit on is the seasonal transitions, for example, regular volleyball becoming beach volleyball after the weather warms. and it is outside.

Hayes also said, “We are looking to get official staff shirts for the staff to start looking more official, as well as jerseys so players don't have to wear little jerseys or their regular clothes.” 

Another key aspect Hayes hit on is being on a budget restraint, he goes into detail about how it's going to take a full team effort with the cooperation of the students that participate in these leagues to respect the workers and their peers. “Because we are on a budget restraint, the only way I can run more programs at once is if the students get to a certain culture that most of us are used to. And which is like right now in basketball, you must call your own foul. And the refs are there to call flagrant fouls. And the goal is to get to a point where we only need one ref per game. Because that will minimize the cost and expand the program.”  

Hayes also wants students to know, to be respectful to their neighbor, and peers and to have fun in intramurals.  

Interested or just looking for something to keep you busy and be a little competitive on a Thursday night? Look into for intramurals at The University of Olivet.  


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