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  • Kylee Curtiss

The Housing Lottery- Q & A

What is the Housing Lottery?

“The housing lottery is the housing placement,” explains Priya Basnyat, Assistant Coordinator of Retention Initiatives and Housing Operations. “The housing placements take place in the spring of the next school year. But since it is a lottery, the place that the students requested to live, may not be guaranteed.”

How and when do students apply for an apartment?

“Make sure you have the full group!” says Basnyat. “If students don’t have the full group, then they will fall at the bottom of the list.” The full group means that students have to get the required amount of people for the apartments. For the Gillette apartments, there is a requirement that four people have to share the apartment. Lawn and Oak are required to have three people to share the apartment.

How will students know if they get the apartment?

By the end of the week when the apartment application ends, the students will receive an email Priya Basnyat will email the applicants who got the apartment. But if do not get the apartment, Basnyat will still email the students to let them know that they did not get an apartment.

When are the applications due for the apartments and dorms?

For the Gillette apartment, applications started on Feb. 12 and ended on Feb. 26 For Long and Oak apartments, the application starts March 4 and ends on March 18. For the Blair, Dole, and Shipherd dorms, the application starts on March 25 and ends on April 8.

What are the requirements to live in Gillette?

When applying for Gillette there are a few requirements. The student’s GPA must be a 2.75 or higher. Basnyat says, “We look at your class standing. So, if you’re a Junior or Senior, then your chances of getting an apartment will be higher than if you were a sophomore.”

How many rooms are in the Gillette apartments?

There are four single bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchen, and a living room. Each unit has a washer and dryer located in the basement.

What are the requirements for the Long and Oak apartments?

The students requesting to be in Long and Oak must have a GPA of 2.5 or higher, which is the only difference between Gillette and Oak and Long apartments. It is, however, a little easier to get to the Oak and Long apartments but not by much. Regarding the other requirements to get an apartment are the same as Gillette.

How many rooms are there in Long and Oak?

The Long and Oak apartments both have two bedrooms, one single bedroom and the other a double room, there’s also a bedroom, a kitchen, and a living room. The laundry rooms are coin operated.

How good are my chances of getting an apartment?

“We have a point system.” Explains Basnyat. “So, freshmen are one point, sophomores are two points, juniors are three points, and seniors are four points. What this means is that if three seniors and one junior are applying for Gillette, that is fifteen points and the students applying, if their GPA is good then we add all that together. That’s how we determine who should get the apartments.”


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