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  • Tamar Heart

Sunshine pt. 3

O.C. Student, O.C. Father

As of March 9 Tayden will officially be 5 months, but I'm not sure he thinks he is still that young. Yesterday I went to get him and he was doing something that I have not seen him do yet, but it was great to see and it made me smile really hard.

He was holding his own bottle with milk in it and he was actually able to drink some and then pull it away from his mouth so that he could swallow the milk that was in his mouth and not choke on it. That was something that made me happy because the average baby is not able to hold their own bottle until like 6 to 7 months old, at least I was 7 months before I was able to hold my own and actually control the bottle.

Last night he cried himself to sleep and he was not hungry or anything, so today when he woke up he would start crying for like five seconds then stop, but as he did that I was paying attention, and I saw him grab at his mouth. After seeing him grab his mouth a few times I wanted to take a look at him and make sure everything was all good. So, I washed my hands and took a closer look and it turns out that he has started teething. That means he is starting to grow his teeth in, and for a baby that is very irritating to their mouth. Usually when a baby is teething you give them toys that have like water inside to freeze and those really help sooth the pain.

Also, every day he gets better on his crawling journey. At first he would trap his arms under himself, but now he gets them out in front of himself. He is just still so fresh to being able to move that he gets tired after crawling a few steps and he will stop and roll over on his back and just start chilling.

His mother has him really spoiled, so I am trying to break him from being so used to being picked up all day because he is getting bigger and no one’s going to carry him all day.


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