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  • Tamar Heart

Sunshine pt. 4

O.C. Student, O.C. Father

As this is the last story of the year, my son Tayden has made some great leaps that I am extremely happy about. This first accomplishment I want to share is that he can crawl. He is not super fluid at it now, but he now knows how to move his arm from under him and put it out in front of him and start to move. He cannot crawl for a long time though; he will eventually get tired.

He has also been teething a lot, meaning that his teeth are about to grow in. His gums are really white now and that is from the color of his teeth because they are about to start popping through.

He has mastered holding his own bottle now. He does not need any help once you lift it to his mouth; he is capable of just drinking out of the bottle by himself, which is very helpful now because he does not like to be laid down and changed and he will cry when you are about to change him. With him able to hold his own bottle, we could put some water or apple juice in the bottle and give it to him to drink and then we will change his Pampers and he will not cry at all because he has something to drink. It is kind of funny.

The last accomplishment is that he has finally said his first words - they are not super clear, but he has now started to speak. His first words are "Dada”, that makes me feel good about myself because I do not know what picks the first words that a kid says, but I know whatever determines it is a good reason. I am happy that my son is growing right and is really healthy, I pray things stay that way. I pray everyone else stays safe and healthy.


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