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  • Jarel Evans

Snowboarding: A "Cool" Winter Activity for Students

Although the snow has mostly melted, students at Olivet College shared how they spend the winter months by snowboarding.

Senior Nicholas Hoffman said, “I’ve been snowboarding since I was eleven. My favorite memory with snowboarding is going up-north with friends and family. Some of the hardest things about snowboarding could be learning the basics as a beginner. I also enjoy the adrenaline rush that it gives me” Snowboarding could be a challenge but, in the end, you would love the feeling it gives you.

Junior Brandon Kreiner is a beginner snowboarder, started this year. Kreiner said, “I started snowboarding a few months ago, one of my first times going snowboarding I hit my head on a rail. Some of my favorite places to go snowboarding is Mount Holly MI because the adrenaline rush it gives me.”

Kreiner also said, “Some of the struggles with snowboarding could be learning the basics because it can be a struggle at times keeping balance.”

Sophomore Julia Mellinger said, “I started snowboarding when I was sixteen, one of my favorite memories were going to Crystal Mountain for a weekend with my best friend and attempting jumps but falling and laughing, I like boarding at a hill 30 minutes from my house called timber ridge. It’s small but I grew up skiing there, so it brings back good memories. It makes me feel super happy and free. I love the adrenaline build up as I go faster down the hill.”

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