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  • Alicia Bullaro

Olivet High School Students Protest Mask Mandate

OLIVET, MI – Throughout the week of Sept. 19, the students at Olivet High School (OHS) rung in the homecoming football game on Friday 24 and dance Saturday 25 with their spirit week. One spirit week event included “See you at the pole day,” which is meant to gather students, staff, and other members of the community at the OHS flagpole to join in prayer.

However, this event turned into a protest on the mask mandate within the school community. Many students and parents gathered with signs to protest. This protest continued at the beginning of the school day, when student protesters entered school not wearing masks.

Faculty quickly began removing those students from their classes and sending them home if they refused to put a mask on, many of these students being varsity football players. Because of this removal and the possibility of continued protest, it was questioned whether these student athletes would be allowed to play in Friday’s homecoming game. In the end, this decision did not need to be made, because the student athletes eventually complied to the mask mandate when told they would not be allowed to play.

Because of the student athletes’ decision to comply, the football game and dance went on as planned, and all players were able to see the field for the game. The Eagles prevailed in the game with a final score of 63-6 over the Perry Ramblers. In addition, the dance happened as planned the following night, with all students allowed to attend that homecoming event as well.

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Photo by Olivia Velasquez


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