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  • Jarel Evans

Olivet Alumni Reflect on Their Time in College

Have you ever wondered how the alumni of Olivet College spent their time here at Olivet? Well, a few alumni have shared some of their favorite photos from when they were in college. Alumni share photos from their glory years of college to share with us.

A few alumni shared athletic photos with us where they look back on their special moments as athletes while attending Olivet College.

 Sharon Lavin, class of 1996, reflects on her freshman year soccer photo. “In this photo I am a Freshman at Olivet College. I am playing soccer on the old soccer field at Olivet. What I miss most about college is I miss hanging out with my Soronian sisters and playing the sport I grew up playing. I majored in Secondary Education and graduated 1996.” 

Jamaul Martin, class of 2018, reflects on his senior year homecoming football game where they faced Adrian College bulldogs. “ I was a senior in this photo. I was at the Cutler event center after a football game. The things I miss most about college are hanging out with my boys and the camaraderie of the football team. I majored in psychology. 

Nick Wolf, class of 2010, reflects on his photo from his flag football team that earned many trophies. “This photo was taken at The Cutler athletic complex. I was a junior in this photo. It was taken in 2008” Nick Wolf talks about some of the things he misses about college. “The thing I miss most about Olivet is seeing and hanging out with all of the great friends that I made in college. My major was psychical education”  

Other Alumni reflect on their academic success while being a student here at Olivet College, and the things they miss most about it.

Emma Schutt, class of 2020, reflects on a photo she took before an exam with a friend. “This photo is from my junior year (Dec 2018). Miranda Pier and I took this selfie in the Hanse House because we were there for presentations for our final in accounting”. She also mentions some of the things she misses. “The thing I miss most about Olivet College is the comfort in knowing that I will see my friends again tomorrow or the next day. The privilege of being surrounded by your closest friends and peers that you experience on campus disappears once you leave, and it’s a hard adjustment. I majored in Accounting and graduated in May of 2020.” 

Jordan Wilkie, class of 2018, reflects on his graduation photo where he is standing infront of his fraternity where he lived. “The picture was taken on the steps of the best establishment to grace the small town of Olivet-Phi Alpha Pi '' Also touches on some of the things he misses about college. “In short I miss my PC 167 and all of the men we shaped behind us. For better or worse, we always had a good time. Ahh the good ol days!” Jordan Wilkie also recommends students to take advantage of college resources. “I majored in Insurance and Risk Management. What a stout program we had. One of my biggest regrets was not utilizing the professionals we had on staff more!” 

Hannah Cannarile, class of 2017, reflects on her photo from when she started her internship at Calhoun County Correctional Facility “This photo was taken outside of Gillette Apartments when I lived there. My internship was at the end of my sophomore year. What I miss most about Olivet is the environment and how personable all of the professors were. Each of them was always understanding, very direct and gave personal experiences they went through while they were in their careers. I felt this to be very beneficial with the career choice I was choosing and gave me more insight on what I wanted to pursue. I currently work in Kent County as a Foster Care Case Manager.I majored in Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement and switched to Criminal Justice - Corrections after my freshman year. I wanted to help hold people accountable for their actions, help them change and become productive members in society.”

The great memorable moments they have made in Olivet is something they can look back on and be proud of. As time goes on the memories made here are not forgotten so continue to make them. 

Images provided by the Alumni.


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