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OC is a Family but What Happens When Someone From the Family Passes Away?

Darren Lee Volheim passed away Aug, 6, 2022. He was a 1998 graduate of Olivet College and a member of the football team. Volheim was a member of the Olivet community and his local town of Pace, Florida.

Now, it is the Olivet College football community’s turn to make an impact on Volheim’s family. His son, Stephen commented on the jersey that was donated to his family upon his father's funeral.

When he was asked about the jersey, Stephen said, “Thank you so much for the jersey. To see the college go above and beyond like that is absolutely incredible.” Stephen had made a Twitter post regarding the jersey.

In that post, he was sure to thank the football program which was responsible for the donation. Stephen said that his dad is “on the record boards for the top five most interceptions.” This is why the jersey was so important to the family.

More information on the gift came from the coach of the Olivet College football team, Dan “Moose” Musielewicz. He said, “Unfortunately we did not get a chance to meet in person over the years that we have been here at Olivet.” He also mentioned that he wished he had a chance to meet Darren and get to know him.

Musielewicz said, “I know that Olivet College and Olivet football meant a great deal to him. He shared many fond memories with his family in his last days is what I understand.” After being asked about the impact that Volheim had on Olivet College, Musielewicz said, “It is always a sad day when a Comet passes away, as well as anytime a loved one leaves us. Although we were not familiar with the circumstances, OUR program’s thoughts and prayers have gone out to his family and friends. We hope that they remember the great times that they have had together, and those are what stands out in their minds.”

Photo courtesy of the Volheim Family


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