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  • Abbey Peters

No-Fear Final Exam Guide

For many students, final exams mean stress, cramming, and sleepless nights. Although there is a light at the end of the tunnel, a huge amount of work is required to get there. Luckily for first-year students, OC’s upper-class students have plenty of advice when it comes to getting through final exams successfully.

“It is hard to find motivation in that last month of the semester, but it is important to regain focus knowing exam and project deadlines are approaching,” said Allyson Stevens, junior. Stevens recommends self-care and getting work done ahead of time as good strategies for tackling finals.

“Set time aside for yourself mentally and physically to make a checklist of your work. Do not wait to start your papers, projects, presentations, and studying until the week before.”

Savannah Baker, senior, listed removing distractions and rewards as her top tips for getting important work done.

“Put your phone in another room or turn it off. It’s not fun, but sometimes it’s necessary. It might be helpful to reward yourself for getting stuff done…so after I write three pages I can watch a YouTube video, get a snack, or check social media, but not before I write the three pages,” Baker said.

According to Tonya Tepin, junior, another helpful resource for getting through the final weeks of the semester are professors.

“Start talking to your professors the few weeks leading up to [exams]. Get confusions ironed out and see what you can do to have the best grade you can. You’d be surprised how much your professors are willing to help when it comes to getting your grade to where you want it,” Tepin said.

Finals start the week after Thanksgiving, and go from Tuesday, Nov. 29, through Friday, Dec. 2. There are no classes on Monday, Nov. 28. You can find the official final exam schedule below or at this link here.

Fall 2022 Final Exam Schedule
Download PDF • 465KB

Students are required to check out of their on-campus housing after final exams conclude. The deadline to be moved out is 6 p.m. on Friday, Dec. 2.

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