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  • Alicia Bullaro

Men’s Basketball Looks Forward to the Start of their Season

OLIVET, MI – The Olivet College (OC) men’s basketball team has already passed the official start of their season and are now looking ahead to the games on their schedule that are quickly approaching. They are looking to increase their record from last year, as they are coming off a two-win season last year. The comets finished last season with an overall record of 2-16, which made them 1-5 in their conference.

The staff have done what they can to add new pieces to the team to hopefully improve their standings this year.

“We’ve added some size to our roster, mainly at the 4 and 5 positions which we didn’t have much depth at last year,” said Head Coach Sam Hargraves.

The team hopes that their ability to develop more team chemistry will strengthen their chances to have a few more wins.

Senior Dane Vos said, “Last year because of Covid we never go the chance to really get to know each other and get used to playing with each other. We just kind of got throwing into games. That’s definitely not the case this year.”

While they hope to finish higher in the conference standing than last year, this is very difficult to predict, especially before having played any conference games. However, the comets are predicting that they will be picked to finish somewhere between sixth and eighth in the conference.

The comets are really looking forward to playing their first game and are excited to have a season that more closely resembles that of a pre-Covid season.

“We’re definitely prepared to play a game, but we need real game experience to learn where we’re really at as a team,” Hargraves said. “With a couple new guys that we think will contribute, we are pretty inexperienced together.”

For the 2021-22 season, the comets are looking to improve in both categories. They open their season with non-conference games all Nov. and Dec. The comets’ first conference game will not be played until Jan. 5 against Adrian College.

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