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  • Parker Brown

Making a Not-so "Super" Super Bowl Fun

Super Bowl LV was held on Feb. 7. The game is a momentous occasion where friends and family bet on squares and eat just a little too many wings. However, this year with COVID-19, it seems that the gatherings that normally happen every year are not so certain.

The teams that played this year were the Kansas City Chiefs and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. According to a Fox News article, kickoff started at 6:30. R&B singer Jazmine Sullivan and country singer Eric Church sang “The Star-Spangled Banner". H.E.R. sang “America the Beautiful”. The Weeknd performed at halftime. Inaugural poet laureate, Amanda Gorman, recited a poem for the event.

This was the first time where a team played in their hometown - that team being the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. This was also a game where only 7,500 vaccinated healthcare workers and 14,500 fans from around the country were allowed to attend the game. The highest attended Super Bowl was Super Bowl XLV in 2011 with 148.5 million viewers and 103,219 people at the game.

The question is,” What do students around campus plan on doing for the Super Bowl?”

Brandon Thurlby, a sophomore, plans on keeping the same tradition from past years.

“I plan on eating food that people bring and hanging out with family and friends that feel safe to come by,” said Thurlby.

Not everybody that goes to a Super Bowl party watches the game. Some people decide to do other activities that may be around such as playing video games or air hockey. Sierra Lull, a freshman, planned on being one of those people.

“I will most likely be with my friends during the game, but I plan on playing video games, or just doing homework while my friends watch the game in whoever decides to watch the game in their room.” said Lull.

Lull also explained why she doesn’t watch the game. She said, “I prefer to watch sports live rather than on TV because it isn’t as exciting when you see an crazy play when it’s on a screen rather when you see it in person it is a lot more thrilling.”

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers won Super Bowl LV 31-9.


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