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  • Jarel Evans

How Does Olivet Measure Up to Student's Hometowns?

Olivet College has students from different areas of Michigan which is different from the culture of their hometown. I spoke with students on what the difference was from their hometown compared to Olivet.

“I'm from Oxford, Michigan. A nice city with a good amount of things to do but we are also surrounded by cities like Rochester and Lake Orion so no matter what there always is something to do,” said Coda Mendoza, junior

“I'm from Leslie, Michigan. I didn’t stay in touch with my back home friends. Most of mine moved away or we grew apart after high school,” said Graci Dack, junior.

“I did stay in touch a little bit, not too often. I’m from Greenville, Michigan,” said Malaki Weger, sophomore.

The students gave their thoughts on the difference between their college friends and hometown friends.

“My hometown friends were mostly girls I was in sports with and our friendship was situational. Now my friends are less exclusive to what I’m a part of and we have more of a real relationship.” said Graci.

“There isn't much of a difference between my friends from home and at college. I love both my friend groups and honestly feel like if they were to meet each other and hangout that they would like each other,” said Coda.

“The only real difference is how closer the bonds are because I tend to always text my fraternity brothers in the summer, but during the school year I don't text my friends from hometown” said Malaki.

Students gave their thoughts on what they wish Olivet had that was similar to their hometown.

“Some things I wish that Olivet had that my hometown does is a McDonald’s or Taco Bell,” said Malaki.

“Leslie has a lot more town traditions like parades and events throughout the year.” said Graci.

“I believe adding some new places for students to be able to hangout that are not just within residential areas is essential to keep students happy and wanting to stay on campus more often.” said Coda.

As you can see students come from all different areas of Michigan which differ from Olivet.

Images provided by Jarel Evans


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