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  • Parker Brown

A Reflection on the Olivet College Covid-19 Outbreak

On Sept. 22, the Greek society Sigma Beta hosted a “tea” for women interested in joining their sorority. What they had not known is that three people at the party had tested positive for Covid-19. After the party, there were 95 students who went into quarantine including Olivet’s Softball team. Olivet College held online classes for two weeks and put in many new restrictions affecting student life on campus.

With precautions as the Cares App, and requiring masks in classes that are in person. Olivet has been able to keep cases of the virus in check. Students around campus however, are having different experiences with what is going on.

Sophomore Chris Smith said, “I feel pretty stressed with all of the social distancing and isolation especially as I am from Texas and have no family I can see here [Olivet]...I feel like the school is doing a good job with how they handle it.”

Greek houses have also been impacted by the virus. However Kappa Sigma Alpha member Evan Warner, sophomore, is staying positive and applauding the school in its efforts to try and stop the virus.

“Well I believe with the virus outbreak the school has tried their best to help make college seem close to normality as it gets,” said Warner, “But in the end there are variable that the college can’t control and that is why we are currently online due to those variable.”

On the other side of the ball, mental health is a huge factor right now, leading to many students stressing out and having panic attacks over events and switching to online for two weeks.

Kinsley Noel, freshman, is one who has not taken this news gently.

"The covid outbreak has made my mental health deteriorate but the teachers and staff have been very understanding and willing to make accommodations," said Noel.

The two week quarantine period ended on Oct. 12. Classes are being held as they were prior to the outbreak.


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