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Welcome Week Builds Unlikely Bridges on College Campus

Now that the summer has officially ended, it’s time for students focus on school. For most freshmen, the first days can be stressful. But these three Olivet College students found a way to help comfort each other through the first week of college.

Olivet College welcomed freshmen into the new academic year on Friday, Aug. 16. These students were engaged in activities to help each other become more comfortable while communicating with other students. Freshman and psychology major Destinee Hawkins said that she moved into Dole Hall around 9 a.m.

“The first thing that I noticed was the size of the school. I live in Kalamazoo, which is a much larger place than Olivet. I felt excited about beginning the new school year and meeting new people,” she said. Hawkins was active in all the events in the following week.

On Sunday, Aug. 18, she met her soon to be closest friends, Chloe Williams and Naquaria Ward. Freshman Williams came into Olivet College as a business administration major. She said that once she arrived, she was forced to become sociable, because she didn’t know where to go, or where she was on campus.

“I went to the pool party on Sunday, not really expecting to meet or talk to anyone. I just wanted to not be bored in my room all day. But I’m glad I went because I ended up meeting some fun people,” said Williams. She said that because of that day she strived to become more social and attend more events that were hosted during Welcome Week.

Freshman Ward, who double majors in psychology and criminal justice, said, “If it wasn’t for the food in the Kirk Center, I probably wouldn’t leave my room. I came from Kalamazoo, where all my friends live. I was happy being anti-social, but things changed after that one Sunday.”

Ward said that she, Williams, and Hawkins have continued going to events, eating lunch, and planning activities together.

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