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  • Davion Miller

Welcome Back!

As a new year begins, returning and new faces surface the campus in hope to meet new friends and learn a ton of new information that can help in the long run.

However, one major thing that arises in question is how finances are not going to be a draining factor, and how to make a living being away from home. The opportunities to make money in college include things like work study, with opportunities found at the Olivet CollegePortal, which helps you remain in the college atmosphere and still earn cash.

On the other hand, students who have transportation may travel to find a job.

Balancing work and school is a common problem. Recently, in a New York Times Opinioncolumn, grad student and writer Rainesford Stauffer detailed the challenges she’s encountered throughout her college career as someone who has always had to work for a living. “By working, am I missing opportunities to enhance my education? Undoubtedly. But the truth that gets stuck in my throat every time someone encourages me to leave my job is that my work actually enables my learning. If I hope to complete my education, I can’t ignore paying for it,” wrote Stauffer.

No one can imagine the load to be a college student but to add along a job to maintain, according to Stauffer is another level of responsibility.

Student worker at Olivet College, senior Brittney Prince, also gave some input on what it's like to be employed and attend college. Prince said, “Working while in school doesn’t just provide you with a job, it provides you with accountability and time management. The perk is getting money, but it helps to get money and maintaining a happy lifestyle. Olivet helps because on campus jobs allow the money to enter towards bill and other jobs nearby are convenient.”

Job opportunities for other types of work besides on campus can be found at this link Olivet College jobsor at

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