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  • Aaron Goudie

Brushes and Bandages

The hardware store in Olivet has a new owner who has a passion for not just wood and hammers, but bandages and medicine too.

Andy Askler bought the store Dec. 1, 2018 from the shop’s previous owner, Frank Brownell, who was the owner forthe past 17 years, according to Buzz le.Askler immediately started construc- tion and remodeling the space to update the hardware store and prepare the space to also become a pharmacy.

Askler is the owner of the hardware store in Urbandale, which was a pharmacy only two years ago, and saw the opportunity to bring the combination of a hardware store and pharmacy to Olivet.

“There is no pharmacy in town,” said co-owner Jayce Meyers. “It will be another two to three weeks un-til the hardware part of the store is completed. Currently, we are shooting for May 1 for the grand opening of the pharmacy.

”The owner of Shore to Shore Graphics, Tammy Buechle, said that the pharmacy would be “freshening and bring something new to Olivet.” The shops are next to one another on Main Street in downtown Olivet.

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