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  • Randy Britt Jr

How To Get Help Paying for College

With the high cost of tuition for colleges and universities, it becomes difficult for students to stay in collegeas well as pay for it.

After talking with some of the members from the Student Services Department of Olivet College, they provided information students could use to reduce the cost of tuition. Customer and Student Service Specialist Gayl L. Dotts gave her insight about the scholarship opportunities here at Olivet College.

Through email, she said, “Many students do not take advantage of the scholarship opportunities that are available.” She also said, “There are actually three types of “in-house” scholarships that are accepted they are the Alumni Association, Women’s Board of Olivet College and Olivet Endowed Scholarships.” She urged that students who are interested or have any questions about these opportunities to send her an email at,or come to the student service office.

In an email from Director of Stewardship and Donor Engagement Samantha A. Pearl, she said, “I encourage students to take advantage of the scholarships before the deadline approach.”

Each year, the Alumni Association Board and several individual alumni offer awards and scholarships to Olivet College students. For 2019, there are two awards and up to 10 Alumni Board scholarships available in amounts ranging from $250 to $1,000. She also said that the application deadline is Friday, March 8 at 4:30 p.m.

Director of Student Services Libby Jean said that there are also many different scholarship and grants that all student should investigate.

She said that the Michigan offers a Michigan Tuition Grant to private colleges such as Olivet College, in addition to other grants and scholarship, such as outside scholarships that can be accepted outside of Olivet College and merit grants, which are received after students submit their FAFSA and discuss financial need with Jean.

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