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  • Julia Bidelman

Lions, Zebras and Penguins?! Seen in South Africa

Mike Fales, director of service learning and campus ministries, and assistant professor of interdisciplinary studies, took a class of 13 students andve alumni to South Africa Dec. 8-20, 2018 as part of a four-credit course about the country and culture of South Africa.

Fales said that one of the biggest highlights of the trip was that they were able to go visit Robben Island, which is where Nelson Mandela spent 19 years of his life in prison. Many view Robben Island today as being not only symbolic for the South African society but for the whole world, because it has proven to be a symbol of justice forhuman rights, according to information from the Robben Island Prison Museum.

Fales also said that while in South Africa, the group took school supplies to an urban area. While there, they got to meet the students and the principal. Senior Brian Freiberger said that students also swam and kayaked in the Indian Ocean. The class also went on a two-day animal safari where they saw lions and penguins. Freiberger said that his favorite part of the trip was the wine tasting event. He said that the wine was delicious, and that he just really enjoyed it because he was in a different part of the world being able to experience different things.

Alumni Claudia Crampton said that one of the many gifts that this trip has to offer to people is space for reflection. Crampton said that in only two short weeks that she learned more than she ever had about the beauty, diversity, wildlife, and how to act on curiosity. From a hilarious Segway tour, leaving them with bruised bodies, she also said that there was never a dull moment due to these activities.

Overall, Fales said that the trip went very well and that he was proud of everyone who attended this trip including both the students and alumni.

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