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  • Nina Butts

Do You Know the Olivet College Student Handbook?

•One of the first sections in the Student Handbook is about Olivet College’s vision for 2020? It’s called the“Strategic Vision for 2020 and Beyond”, and lists Olivet College’s plans for the future which include: “[embodying] in its curriculum and campus life [its] values-based mission of education for individual and social responsibility”, and “[preparing] students for a rapidly-changing, technologically-enabled global economy and society”.

•There is a section titled “Community Standards Bill of Rights”. It’s like an abridged version of the entire handbook and outlines the standards each student is expected to follow.

•Natural Christmas trees are prohibited within dorms because they are considered a fire hazard.

•The State of Michigan hazing laws are placed underneath the section about student organizations and Greek societies.

•In the section titled “Intoxication Policy”, there is a typo: the word “gate” should be “gait”, in the context “slurred speech, unsteady gait, excessive noise...”. There may be a few similar errors, which you can find readingthrough the Handbook.

The Olivet College Student Handbook can be foundunderneath the “Undergraduate” tab in the top left corner of the homepage. From there, go to “Student Life”, and the Handbook has its own tab.

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