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  • Marah Heikkila

Review: 'Black Panther' Roars

Superhero movies have taken the world by storm. They give us a way to feel that protection for the greater good is out there, that integrity and kindness can defeat that of evil and dishonesty.

Most often superhero movies have a predominantly white cast, but “Black Panther” refuses to fall into that category, instead focusing on a blacksuperhero with a predominantly black cast. It is also the biggest box office hit of the year. It is a marvel of a Marvelproduction, respectfully and uniquely its own.

The movie is refreshing, exhilarating, and enticing. The story behind acomplex foreground places an emphasis on the nation of Wakanda, a fictional country that harbors precious metals and advanced technology that is secret until the end of the film. The setting is ancient and futuristic at the same time.The people are proud and productive, content to live separated from the rest of the world.

In the film, T’Challa, played by Chadwick Boseman, must take over as leader, where his late father left off . T’Challa finds resistance with this in his own country, the one he is supposed to rule. This resistance comes from Killmonger, who is played by Michael B. Jordan. Jordan’s character wants Wakanda to position itself using its equipment, technology, and resources, even though it has remained hidden from the rest of the world for so long.The rivalry is internal and intense.

Killmonger offers up an unbelievable performance that will leave the viewer with chills. His portrayal is authentic and refreshing, since he is a villain that one can understand, one who the viewer can see exactly where his ideologies stem from, where his priorities come from, due to his experience with others. He delivers this performance in an authentic way and with dialogue that isn’t simply broken down to “I’m right” and “you’re wrong.” It even gets T’Challa thinking.

The film does well to present action elements that are well scripted, chases and actions scenes that aren’t too predictable, or one’s that are the same as the previous ones shown. The daring scenes give the audience the ability to remain attached to the movie, wondering what may happen next. The outside world does not gure into the intimate story, really, until the very end.

The film also shows the journey of T’Challa himself, how he copes and comes to the realization of his responsibilities. The film de nicely reflects on both good and evil, villain and protagonist by giving each character a captivating story under captivatingcircumstances.

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