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  • Zach Sturgill

Olivet College Welcomes New Mascot

There is a new Comet on the campus of Olivet College. Haley the Comet joins Clyde as the tandem mascot to represent OC Nation. The two have a revamped style, sporting a modern look that the College has been working on.

“In August 2017, a refresh of the Olivet College Athletics identity began. The goal was to create a cohesive brand identity that speaks to school spirit and connects with today’s athletes, students, alumni, faculty, sta and friends,” read a mass email sent by Olivet College earlier this month.

“Olivet College student-athletes will have every reason to be proud when represented by Clyde and Haley,” Athletic Director Ryan Shockey said.

This is the rst time in school his- tory that there will be a female mascot. The naming process for the mascot took place over the winter, when a list of names dwindled down to two. Haley prevailed over the second-place name of Olivet. The winning name refers to the astronomical “Halley’s Comet”. Haley and Clyde will start appearing this fall.

Students and faculty took their time in choosing the new name for the mascot, and some around campus have taken time to grasp the idea of a new female spirit leader.

“I think it really was an important step, and I’m glad they reconfigured Clyde. My son went here, and he wore the big uniform. He had homecoming parades and of course it had to have been 100 degrees. I think the updated look is really good, and I’m so happy they introduced a female counterpart,” Burrage Library Director Judy Fales said.

“I think Haley will be a great addition to the Olivet College spirit-building team. She will provide an equal balance of gender, which is always beneficial for appeasing the needs of every Olivet College student and staff member.Overall, I can’t wait to see Haley and Clyde, side by side, lifting the spirits of the OC Nation,” junior and English major Zackary Evans said.

“I personally think we didn’t need her, and I get it seems like a gender equality to me. It’s a weird step to take, even though there are different ways we can make women feel equal to the male counterparts on campus,” sophomore marching band member Paige Levitte said.

Looking at the new mascot designs, Clyde and Haley will have more of a human look but keep the uniform and spirit of Olivet College. The grey headpieces are a change from the large red ball that used to be Clyde. Now, there are visible streaks that may represent hair, and belts that say “Comets”. The mascot change also follows the athletic brand logo change that was released this year.

Trivia: Professor Arthur Williams was the first person to wear the original Clyde costume.

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