• Abby Radcliffe

The Lighthouse Guides Souls

City on a Hill Church supports student ministry on campus at Olivet College. It supports student organizations such as the college’s Fellowship of College Athletes (FCA) and Alpha Omega, through donations.

According to senior Bruce Baker, the church also provides mentorship for student leaders, access to printers, and a space to host services. The church also supports the Lighthouse, which will be moving meetings to Klock Commons in Dole, with mobile sound equipment and musicians.

The name Lighthouse was thought of by Baker, who is the president of FCA and of the student ministry team. Baker said, “I was in the car with my girlfriend and good friend Isabelle Leon driving back from the summer camp where we all worked. I had them

brainstorming ideas about the young adult/college worship service we wanted to start in town. For some inspiration, we threw around Bible verses and song lyrics. One of our favorite bands came on and the song was called ‘Lighthouse’. The name had a biblical precedent, in Matthew 5:14. Jesus commands his disciples to be a city on a hill, a light on a windowsill for all to see making known the path of God. We had planned on meeting at City on a Hill Church for the services, so the name Lighthouse just made sense.”

The Lighthouse was created this year by the Student Ministry Leadership Team. This semester, you can find students at City on a Hill Church in downtown Olivet, from 8 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Monday nights.

Senior Isabelle Leon said, “Lighthouse is a way for students to make friends who have similar beliefs and that people should come to The Lighthouse because it is a fun place for people to come, learn, and join in conversation with others about God and the Bible.”