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  • Ashton Osborne

Comet Corner: Meet Samantha Igl and Emily Nelson

Samantha Igl, junior, found the major she couldn’t nd anywhere else here at Olivet. Igl has a dual discipline in art and business. She said, “I knew that I wanted to have a business major, but I knew I also really like art and I wanted it to be one major and I couldn’t nd it anywhere else.”

Igl graduated from Mason High School. While at Mason, she participated in Olivet’s honor band program both her junior and senior year, which is what introduced her to the college. She said, “I liked the small campus. I knew I wasn’t going to t into a really big cam- pus like MSU.” Igl attends Olivet with her twin sister, Amanda Igl, junior.

While not in the studio, Igl keeps herself busy. She is a member of Sigma Beta and a part of the color guard for the marching band. Igl is also president of Art Alliance. According to the Olivet College website, Art Alliance spreads artistic awareness on campus through a variety of different projects, such as murals, eld trips, and events that they plan. Igl also likes to travel and try new things in her free time to help inspire her.

Igl has done so well with her art that she has an opportunity that is not available to all students. According to Professor Cynthia Eller, assistant professor of art, Igl has been o ered a travel scholarship that is available to art majors. The students are able to travel anywhere they want to further their education. Eller said, “Sam is a hard worker. She’s very task oriented. Even if something is di cult or not what she wants to do, she has great work ethic. She also has a personality that is open and friendly. You can’t teach that. That will really beneth her.”

Igl says junior year is different from when she first got here, but that the thing that has changed the most is her con dence. “My freshman year I was really insecure with my art. I didn’t really know if I really wanted to go into it, I just knew I liked it. Now, I would say that I’m more con dent about it and I feel con dent enough to start experimenting with my art.” While her time here had made her art grow, that’s not the only growing Igl has done. She says “I’ve learned to take that rst step out of my comfort zone, when I was very comfortable in my comfort zone my freshman year.”

After graduation, Igl doesn’t intend to go straight into the work force. She said, “I’m taking my personal time cause being a twin I never really had time to nd out who I am or where I want my art to go. Take some time o the normal get a job and gure out what I’m goanna do in life.” Igl did say she hope to own her own gallery someday.

Emily Nelson, senior, graduated from Olivet High School and chose to stick close to home for college. She said she’s always known about Olivet College and was curious about it. That curiosity is what made her decide to at- tend here and to major in music.

Nelson said, “Going and looking at colleges to start o with in high school, I didn’t want to go into college doing something for four to six years that I wasn’t going to enjoy. I wanted to go in knowing that I’m going to enjoy this and I’m going to like this and music’s always been that one thing that I’ve always enjoyed no matter what.”

Nelson is involved in the marching band. She said, “I always liked music in general. I go and help the high school with their marching stu . It’s hard to get away from it.” When asked about what drew her to marching band, Nelson said, “I like the family aspect of it. You’re all there to create one picture, one goal towards the end of everything.” Nelson is also a part of the wind ensemble. She plays mainly the clarinet, but has some experience on the tenor saxophone for jazz band.

Nelson said that things change over four years, but that the thing that changed the most was her con- dence in her music. “Being a music major you have to do juries and all that stuff, so you perform in front of your other peers and in front of your music adjunct, so you’re preforming in front of people that are grading you. It’s a whole ‘nother, aspect above solo and ensemble in high school.”

Jeremy Duby, director of bands, said, “Emily has many strengths as a music student. She is very compassion- ate and empathetic which enables her to not only work really well with her peers in any situation, she is also able to contribute those sentiments to her music.” He says, “she will be very suc- cessful wherever she goes. She aspires to work in a music store as a repair tech, and I know she will be a ne addi- tion to the profession at large.”

In addition to her work ethic Emily makes an e ort to be there for people. Amy McGlothen, sophomore, said, “She’s a people person and has an in- stant connection with everyone. She’s willing to listen and let you ramble. She gives really good advice and will always be there for everyone.”

Nelson is thinking about life after she graduates in a few months. She is hoping to get a job in instrument repair. “I’m planning in going and working at a shop. I possibly may take a couple more courses speci ed in this depending on what the work place wants. There’s also a summer program that I can go to for a couple months to get fully certified.”

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