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  • Brian Freiberger

Students and faculty experience ‘Pura Vida’

“Pura Vida,” meaning pure life in Spanish, is an exclusive saying said in Costa Rica. The phrase is used to greet, say bye, or to just shout randomly.

Over the winter break, 21 Olivet College students and faculty traveled to Costa Rica through a three credit Global Diversity course offered by the college for students to study abroad and learn about history, culture, religion, effects of colonization, politics, agriculture, and the environment of Costa Rica. This is the second time a group from Olivet has gone to Costa Rica, the last being in 2015. The trip was led by Director of Service Learning and Campus Ministries Mike Fales and Associate Professor of Biology Patrick Fields.

During the 15 day journey the group stayed at four different locations across the country: the capital, San Jose, Earth University, located in the Limón province, University of Georgia Costa Rica, located in San Luis de Monteverde, and Manuel Antonio located on the central pacific coast of Costa Rica.

“When we went to San Luis and spent the day with elementary students, there was a moment that I realized I’ll never see these children again. That’s when it hit me, that the world has so much more to offer,” said Junior Megan Black about what she took most from the trip.

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