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  • Shelby Stadt

CWL is back for the second time - registration is open

The Women’s Leadership Institute at Olivet College started an event last year to help women prepare for the future. The event is called the Cultivating Women’s Leaders Event (CWL) and registration is now open for this year’s program. Presidential Spouse Traci Corey started this event to grow women’s enrollment, and to give them the tools and knowledge to use in their everyday life.

The event is Friday, March 2 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at The Cutler Event Center. This event is open to all Olivet staff and students, along with perspective students and the community. This event is not only for women; men are also encouraged to come.

The keynote speaker is the founder of ATHENA International Women’s Leadership Organization, Martha Mayhood Mertz.

Seats are limited, so registration is encouraged as soon as possible. Registration is free to Olivet College and available online. The link to the registration page is

Presidential Spouse Traci Corey speaks to a crowd at last year’s Cultivating Women’s Leaders Event with keynote speaker Daniel Armada (right).

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