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  • Ashton Osborne

SGA wraps up semester

On Nov. 8, the Student Government Association (SGA) had a general session meeting to wrap up the semester.

First, they presented the opportunity for organizations to make scarfs and blankets on Nov. 16. All scarfs and blankets will be donated to a homeless shelter. According to Brooklyn Holley, freshman representative for SGA, the goal is to make 200 scarfs and 10 blankets to donate. The event will be held in Upton Gym at 7 p.m. and will count toward volunteer hours. To sign up your organization, email SGA at

Zachary Oshinsky, Senior, proposed having a concert next fall. According to Oshinsky, there are several artists that are within the school’s ability and price range to invite. Oshinsky said, “I don’t necessarily feel like there are many obstacles just from the fact that a concert hasn’t been held here before, or at least the type that I am planning, and the fact that if we can get the community behind it, it will be a great event.”

He mentioned that both Willow Tree Bakery and the Lamplighter would be willing to help food wise for the event, but getting funds to pay for the artist is the biggest thing. Oshinsky said that he is planning on getting students from different departments to help plan the event.

Nataliya Malaydakh, president of SGA, said that there is going to be improvements in the election process for the executive board for SGA. She said that SGA is planning on sending emails to all students to show who is running for what position and why, what they are planning on changing, checking that students running for the position are eligible, and advertise when elections will be. Election Day for SGA will be Feb. 21, 2018.

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