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  • Ashton Osborne

Student Government Association meets for the first time

On Wednesday, Sept. 13, the Student Government Association (SGA) got the ball rolling with its first general session meeting of the year. There were a couple of issues that were addressed at the first meeting, but the biggest thing on the agenda was how the SGA is going to improve communication between the student government, clubs and organizations, according to Nataliya Malaydakh, senior and president of SGA.

During the meeting, the SGA announced the creating of a new website. It was stated at the session that the website would display meeting minutes and important forms.

Also, elections will be held on SGA’s website from now on. The website should be operational by the 2018 Spring semester.

Another change that is coming to the SGA is a new fund request form. According to Malaydakh, it was changed so that clubs and organizations can provided a quick process to request funds while not having to wait an extended period of time. In regards to the new changes Malaydakh said, "We are building a new student government from the ground up. We changed the logo, new freshmen representatives were elected, and they are coming into student government with new ideas and completely different outlooks."

Kyrie Bostic, freshman of the SGA said, "As a freshman representative, I’d like to bring new ideas and provide new ways for clubs and organizations to run smoothly, considering that SGA is the treasure bank of the campus."

In addition to all the changes happening in the SGA, senior Bill Morris also displayed an opportunity for organizations from the Food Service Committee. The Food Service Committee is looking for an organization on campus to head a new recycling program. According to Morris, the program is being organized to slow down the waste on campus. Chartwells, Olivet’s food service supplier, will supply recycling bins for clubs or organizations that headline the project. This program will help not only the school by reducing waste, but also the organizations in charge. The funds from all the returnable bottles that get recycled go to the organizations in charge.

Now that they’ve got the ball rolling, the SGA representatives plan on continuing to change processes so it is easier for clubs and organizations to can contact them and operate more efficiently.

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