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  • Alyssa Bergey

Endless Pawsibilities for rescued animals

"Since January, 120 dogs, 60 cats, and 30 miscellaneous small animals have been adopted," said Connie Friedly, former animal welfare director at Eaton County Humane Society and now president/director of Pawsibilities Rescue.

After opening its doors in early 2017, Pawsibilities has been helping animals to find a forever home. From large farm animals to the smallest indoor pets, Pawsibilities will work to find them a home. No animal is turned away from the organization, and even if Friedly cannot personally take the animal, then she will work to find another way to help them.

With animals coming from owner drop-offs to those at the end of the line in kill shelters, there are many animals waiting to be discovered. With only the want for someone to love them and care for them, these animals could find a place in a number of anyone’s homes and hearts. That’s why Friedly does what she does.

While it has had a substantial amount of success, Pawsibilities is still a small business run right out of Friedly’s home. With many generous donations and loyal people in the community, it has been able to build up to what it is today, but Pawsibilities is not done yet. With room to be able to only house 25 dogs, it is looking to expand, with six more kennels, a new fenced in yard, and rabbit cages to be lined up around the back of the house by next year.

With work like that stacked on top of the never-ending list of responsibilities for the animals already, volunteer work is always welcomed. Whether it is helping to keep the kennels clean, volunteering at adoptions, or even just playing with the dog’s, help is needed.

For information about the adoption process, how to volunteer, or to figure out a way to help if you can’t give your time, contact Friedly by either phone, (517) 652-9353, or email, at

If you are just wondering what animals are up for adoption then you can check that information out by going to

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