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  • Brian Freiberger

What will be the new 'Comet'?

Olivet College on March, 14 announced that they will be adding a refresher to its athletic programs logo, mascot and possibly a secondary color.

Students, alumni and faculty were invited to make suggestions on Olivet’s website for the refreshed logo. The nominating process for the new logo closed on March 28 and now the Mascot Committee at Olivet will announce three semifinalist to the public before they bring it to the Olivet College Cabinet for consideration, there has been no date for the release of the three semifinalist according to Director of Communications Michele McCauley.

It is important to note that Olivet is not changing its name the “Comet’s” instead Olivet is updating and energizing its primary mascot Clyde the Comet, Olivet’s primary athletic logo the block OC, and they are looking to add a new color to Olivet’s red and white.

“OC athletics is making a name for itself in both men’s and women’s sports in the MIAA and beyond. This is the perfect time to refresh the mascot and logo to better connect with today’s athletic programs and athletes, as well as to speak to the spirit of our students, alumni, faculty, staff and friends. As OC athletics redefines and repositions itself on the field and on the court it’s natural to redefine and reposition the Comet identity,” said McCauley in a sit down interview about the importance for a refresher to Olivet’s athletic program.

Some of the previous mascots throughout Olivet’s history included: Jack the Dog who was the mascot throughout the early 1900’s. The football team at Olivet also had a sheep as its unofficial mascot in the 1900’s as well. Anything from a deer, dog, grizzly bear, a fictional knight and a yeti/bigfoot character have all been popular names during the mascot refresher process according to McCauley.

The Echo on social media site, Twitter, polled 12 people on what they think the secondary color should be. The choices for the poll were teal, yellow, purple and other, and the 12 people thought that another color should be used besides the ones in the poll.

“With many teams now wearing alternate third jerseys, and with Under Armour having standard colors, it is possible that a color in addition to red and white will be added to Olivet College Athletics,” said by McCauley.

Olivet has a contract with Under Armour who is overseeing the designing process for the refreshed logo.

Sylvia Burkett Olivet’s bookstore manager had this to say about how the logo refresher will change Olivet’s merchandise, “The image of the Comet updated would be a benefit to the store because we can’t really use the Comet logo on much because he is kind of sketchy… If they took off the interlocking OC logo right now we would have to sell through what we got, almost everything we own has the interlocking OC logo.”

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