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Election Results are in: " Make America great Again"

In a cry of fear and longing for security in a post 9/11 world, the United States reached out for comfort and choose the leadership of Republican Donald Trump in 2016’s election. As the nation went so did Olivet. With a total of 463 ballots, Trump won the City of Olivet with 267 votes. Spending most of the evening with a small lead over Hillary Clinton, Trump began to gain major head way when Florida, Ohio and North Carolina swung his way. Throughout the night Michigan saw Trump and Clinton battling neck and neck to gain majority vote, with differences as little as 10,000 votes separating the two, and still, at press time, the race here was not called.

Michigan was a typical contributor in Trump’s victory. Being a swing state, Michigan would give Trump a 16 electoral vote boost.

Local Election results:

The Olivet School Board saw five members elected: Mary Barkley, John D. Vanator, Becky Frazier, Anthony Faulkner and Nicholas J. VandeMoortael.

Also, the Eaton County sheriff’s race was too close to call at press time, with the candidates at a virtual 50-50 split.

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