• Shelby Stadt

What's creeping around Mott hallways?

Name: Bowser

Species: Bearded Dragon

Scientific Name: Pogona

Age: Between 7-9 years old

Sex: Male

Bowser was taken care of very well,He was not a rescue. A student was moving into the residence halls and couldn’t keep him in the room. Professor Leah Knapp said that she would take care of him for the student.

All of these critters are residents of Mott’s first floor.

Name: Molly

Species: Bunny

Scientific Name: Oryctoagus Cuniculus

Sex: Female

Molly was a baby bunny at a pet store named Soldan’s. She was diagnosed with a brain infection, petronella, which is 95 percent fatal. She has since recovered, but Molly has neurological issues. She is completely deaf and has spine compulsively in a clockwise manner.

Name: Oscar

Species: Desert Iguana

Scientific Name: Dipsosaurus Dorsalis

Sex: Male

Oscar is the newest addition to Olivet College. He was