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  • Brian Freiberger

THE NEXT STEP Graduate School? Some advice

Co-author Ken Poff, Ph.D., of the book "So you Want to Go to Graduate School ?" presented the importance of going to graduate school to a handful of Olivet students on Oct. 19 in the Mott Auditorium.

Poff was the emeritus professor of horticulture and plant biology and taught for 25 years at Michigan State University.

Before the presentation, Poff handed out book to every student in attendance and strongly encouraged them to read it.

Some key points of Poff’s presentation were not only surviving graduate school but thriving at it, by aiming high both academically and personally by using mentors to become successful in graduate school and life itself.

"If you want on the bench, get a degree, but if you want to run the game get a Ph.D.," said Poff in a sit down interview after his presentation.

Junior and president of the Black Student Union Richard Sherman had this to say on the importance of Poff’s presentation, "I think this is great because it allows students to gauge a better understanding for graduate school and what it takes to become successful in education past college." Sherman also said, "This is important because students here really don’t know what graduate school is all about, and Poff gave clear example of what graduate school can do for your life."

Poff resides in Charlotte, on a 115-acre farm, and is the assistant manager of Conkiln Cider Mill in Charlotte. Poff has not stopped researching or studying in the academic world, he writes that he "has simply stopped taking a paycheck for his work."

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