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  • Hayley Cooper

What to do in Olivet? Students opinion

With the town of Olivet being one-square mile, it is not always easy to find fun things to do while still being on a cheap budget.

When asked what some of the students do around Olivet to keep busy while not breaking the bank, Olivet College Sophomore Rachel Stoneburner said, "On weekends I like to go down into the lounge at Shipherd and either play NBA 2K, pool, Ping-Pong, or watch movies with my friends.

Freshman Ashley Folleth said, "On weekends I like to get away from my dorm. I like to go out have fun with my friends either walking downtown to check out the shops, going to eat at Lamplighter, or playing basketball in MacKay gymnasium. Freshman Miranda Pier said, "On weekends I like to go out and support our Olivet College sports teams and grab a bite at Tim’s Pizza."

Freshman Donovan Kingston has a different approach. Kingston said, "On weekends, I like to just take some time to relax and have fun with my friends before the busy school week starts again."

Olivet may not be a very large campus, but there are still of activities to do without breaking the bank or the law: take a walk around the town with friends; play sports on Blair Lawn or sign up for Intramural sports; grab lunch at Tim’s Pizza or the Lamplighter, or just hang out with friends outside of your dorm room.

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