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  • Shelby Stadt

Port Austin service trip offers work and fellowship

Seven Olivet College students went on a service trip to Port Austin, Sept. 9-11, to help the Historic Center, an important landmark to the city. Busy days volunteering were combined with nights of swimming in Lake Huron, a bonfire, and enjoying some of the best ice cream around. During this long weekends and car rides that seemed to never end, volunteers bonded and made lifelong friendships. Two of the students that went on this trip were interviewed to hear how their experience went.

The first is a freshman here at Olivet, Eddie Davis. Davis commutes to Olivet and has a love for music. Davis wanted to go on this trip because he wanted to do something positive for the community and also wanted to meet fellow students. While at the Historic Center, he moved cabinets and shelves. He also moved a lot of heavy materials into the attic with the help of another student. Davis helped the environment by planting new plants and cleaning up the outside area. His favorite part of the service trip was meeting everyone. This was Davis’ first service trip and it went a lot better than he expected it to go. He bonded with his peers and made quite a few friends. He said that he would definitely do another service trip.

Fifth year student Cameron Eldridge went on this service trip because he enjoys doing service work and helping others. He helped out the Historic Center with many different tasks, including working in the gardens and replanting grass. His favorite part of the service trip is just being in Port Austin. Eldridge enjoys being there and is always making new memories with new people. Eldridge already knew most of the people that went on the trip, but for the people that he didn’t, Eldridge said that they are really cool. He has gone on many of the service trips and he will continue to go on them, he said.

These trips help you grow as a person. If you are contemplating going on a service trip, GO! The worst that will happen is you won’t want to go on another one. But, you get to go on adventures, meet new people, see places you have never seen, and make everlasting memories.

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