• Brian Freiberger

Service Day Fall 2016: "The Supreme Sacrifice"

Wednesday, Sept. 28 is service day here at Olivet College where students and faculty take a break from classes for one day each semester to do community service in Olivet and abroad.

Students are encouraged to help with multiple projects such as cleaning up around campus, delivering water to Flint, mentoring students in Lansing, and much more.

All of the community service activities are very important to the college, but there is one special event that takes place every service day that reflects on the past, present, and future. That is the cleaning of the gold plaque in the middle of the square located in the center of campus.

Students pose in front of the plaque during service day

The Veterans Advocates organization here at Olivet is in charge of this activity. Several students and faculty members who have either served or have family in the armed forces polish, buff, and brush the plaque.

“The Supreme Sacrifice,” A simple but powerful statement on the face of the plaque saying thank you to all military members for dedicating their lives to the United States of America. The plaque was dedicated to Olivet College by the class of 1921.

“Olivet College recognizes and honors the sacrifices that U.S. service members make in the defense of our nation. It is our mission to assist veterans, guardsman, reservists, and others receiving military benefits in making a successful transition into the Olivet community,” said by Leslie Sullivan, Olivet’s veteran advocate certifying official in a prepared statement.

The Veterans Advocates represent the five armed service branches: Air Force, Army, Coast G