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  • Brian Freiberger

Men’s soccer coach released

Last week, Olivet College released men’s soccer coach Daniel Bulley after three seasons at the helm.

Bulley coached the Comets from 2013 to 2016, and had a combined record of 24-34-2. Athletic Director Ryan Shockey had this to say about the current situation in a recorded interview: “I can’t really comment right now; we just have to let things figure themselves out. I’ve filled the team in on the current situation.”

Assistant coach Mike May is now in charge of all soccer related activities. Olivet has opened up the interview process for the coaching vacancy.

Bulley said this about his release over an email: “All I can say is that I strongly disagree with my removal as men’s soccer coach, and that is all that I am prepared to say at this time.”

Bulley also has hired Ross Chapman of Kalamazoo as his attorney.

According to Bulley’s LinkedIn profile, he received his bachelor’s degree in sociology in 2010 from the University at Buffalo, and his master’s in coaching performance in 2015 from Western Michigan University (WMU). Bulley is originally from Exeter, England. He was an assistant coach with the WMU Broncos in 2010. In 2015, he took Comet soccer players to Exeter for a 10-day experience.

“Personally, I didn’t mind him as a coach; he knew what he wanted to do,” said Jordan Salinas, a freshman soccer player. “It’s just I don’t think he executed well, and he holds other players to different standards, especially if you’re not in the starting lineup. I knew most of the guys tolerated him, but not too many fell in love with him. He’s a good guy – don’t get me wrong – and I respect him as a person.

“The current situation is okay,” Salinas said. “Sure things are running smoothly…we’re still getting trained and taken care of well. With that being said, a new head coach would be a positive, but having no recruits at this time is really hurting the program.”

The 2015 season was a letdown compared to Bulley’s first two. The Comets overall record was 4-15 and in the Michigan Intercollegiate Athletic Association, 3-10. In 2014, the record was 9-11, and in 2013, 10-9-1.

Former men's soccer coach Daniel Bulley./Courtesy photo

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