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  • Brian Freiberger

The RINGS are in! After a 9-1 season, the football team now dons new championship rings

“I got a really big team, and we need some really big rings.” Big Rings – by rappers Drake and Future – could be heard thumping the walls of the Comets’ locker room throughout the 2015 football season. Olivet College’s football team has recently added some jewelry to its hands. Olivet ordered 158 rings after the football team tied with Albion to become co-champions in the MIAA (Michigan Intercollegiate Athletic Association). The rings were ordered for players, coaches and alumni from Olivet following a 9-1, 2015 fall season. The rings consist of 81 diamond chips, and can be seen across any room thanks to the sparkle and incredible size.

These rings have a huge face with the “OC” Olivet College logo covered in flashy chip diamonds, giving a gorgeous flash to the human eye. The weight of the conference ring is noticeable as well, as the feeling of a big rock on the finger can sure be distracting.

On the right side of the ring, Olivet is laced across the side with a beautiful Lombardi trophy directed below with the biggest diamond on the ring located where the football would be on the trophy. On the left side of the ring is a helmet with the player’s number located in the center. Below the helmet is a small football with the player’s designated position on it.

Senior Colt Nevins, former right guard for the Comets, explained what the ring means to him personally. “The sense of accomplishment is overwhelming, knowing we accomplished what we set out to do,” Nevins said.

Around the campus at Olivet, a person can see these rings on the players at any moment of the day, especially on those who, like Nevins, choose to incorporate it into their everyday style.

“We wear these ring because we can, and it is what was earned,” Nevins said.

These rings are no doubt magnificent in every single way; every player, coach and anyone else involved in this program here at Olivet gave their time, blood, sweat and tears to achieve this goal of capturing a conference championship. Since the middle of August to Thanksgiving, this program went through all the ups and downs any championship program has had to endure to capture this lucrative prize.

These 158 beautiful rings were produced for the football team, but not at a cheap cost; most schools throughout Division III and NAIA have to pay for rings that they’ve earned, but not at Olivet as they put it on the house this special time - the house that they worked to protect this season.

Although these rings are quite stunning, they surely cost more than a shiny nickel.

*Freiberger is a current football player.

Photo by Brian Freiberger

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